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Let's face it. I grew up with video games that today's gamers might call "retro".
Well, they're still a lot of fun!  These are the games I used to spend a lot of cash
on, and played nearly every day.   I memorized patterns, sometimes playing for
up to 45 minutes on just one quarter!

Now you too can play Street Fighter 2, a great arcade game of the 80's...

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Play Galaga

Ms Pac Man
Play Ms. Pac Man

Play Arkanoid

Play Frogger

Play Asteroids

Lunar Lander
Play Lunar Lander

Street Fighter 2
Click the flashing text that says Permi Qui Per Giocare once the game has loaded. Arrows to move A, S, D keys to punch Z, X, C keys to kick
Arcade Games

Play Centipede

Donkey Kong
Play Donkey Kong

Final Fight
Play Final Fight

Play Street Fighter 2

Play Q*Bert

Play Sonic