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Great experiments you can try at HOME!

The Humming Balloon
what you'll need:
- 12 to 16 inchheavy duty balloon
- coin

Place the coin into the balloon before it is inflated.  Next, inflate and seal the balloon.
Swirling the balloon in a circular motion will cause the coin to roll inside the balloon,
and will make a cool sound.  The coin should roll for a very long time inside the balloon.
At high speeds, the frequency of the sound made by the coin will resonate with the
balloon material's "natural frequencies", and the balloon will hum loudly.  You can also
try this with a BB or marble.

The Enegetic Racquet Ball
what you'll need :
- a racquet ball
- a sharp hobby knife
- a hard flat surface

With the knife, cut the ball in half. Trim down each half so that it is slightly smaller than
the original hemispheres. Push on the rounded dome turning it inside-out.  Drop it with
the dome side-up onto a table or other hard surface. The ball will snap and rebound to
a height much greater than that from which it was dropped.  Why?... Well, this device
"stores" the energy needed to turn it inside-out.  The stored energy is known as
"potential energy".  When the half-ball hits the surface, the energy from the drop, and
the stored potential energy work together and convert into kinetic energy which is what
shoots the ball straight up and quite high.

Jumping Stacks
what you'll need:
- at least two different size, different density balls like "basket ball, baseball, golf ball,
ping pong ball.
- a hard flat surface

Stack two balls with the larger on the bottom (such as a ping pong ball resting on top
of a much heavier ball like a superball or golf ball), and drop this stack.  If the balls are
aligned, the smaller, lighter ball will rebound to as much as nine times its original
height.  Try three stacked balls each larger and heavier than the one above it and
watch the lightest ball rebounds to as high as forty-nine times its original height.  If
you use two balls with mass ratio of 3:1, like a baseball on top of a basketball, the
bottom ball will stop on the floor while the top ball shoots VERY high.

Lightning in Your Mouth
what you'll need:
- Wintergreen Life Savers
- strong teeth
- a pitch dark room
- a mirror

While looking into the mirror in a COMPLETELY dark room, crunch a Wintergreen
Life Saver with your back teeth, leaving your mouth open widely.  Charge
separation is produced when the candy cracks, and this discharge produces light,
or actually MiniatureLIGHTNING!!!  The phenomenon is known as triboluminescence.
Be sure to let your eyes get used to the dark room BEFORE trying this for better



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