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Music has been a part of my life ever since I can remember.  Some
of my earliest and most vivid memories revolve around music.  I write
my own unique style of music, play in a band as drummer and vocalist,
and seem to listen to a rather eclectic array of music which spans the
most obscure ambient music to current pop, and touches nearly
everything between.

Below you will find some of the music that I have written, produced,
and recorded.  It is free to listen to, or even download if you are
technically savvy enough to figure out how.  If you enjoy it, I would
appreciate an email telling me what you liked about it.  If you don't like
it, go ahead and email me about that as well.  I hope you all enjoy the
music of Mindpaint (A.K.A. Mr. G).


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Track notes:

1. Most of you already know about this song.  It was
written specifically for "Do Try This at Home" of course.
2. You might remember a LONG break between videos just
after season 1... This song might explain why.
3. I modeled the piano sample from scratch.  I was in a somber
mood when this was written.
4. Missing a dear friend... and lashing out at life itself.
5. If they exist, maybe they'll be helpful, after they abduct and
eat us!
6. A song about feelings, love, and life through a time of
7. Unrequited love.  A plead to regain what is gone.
8. I wrote this for my Girlfriend Cindy on a cold snowy day.
9. Written for my daughter when I felt she was losing hope.
10. About my childhood.
11. This is a poor recording of a Death Cab song at band practice.
12. A dark song about a delusional individual fed up with the
modern world... this song reflects the way I feel at times.
13. I actually wrote this in the 90's, but didn't actualize it until
14. Making mistakes and learning from them.
15. Another Mr. G theme song you might have heard.
16. I feel like this a lot of the time.  Seeking Simplicity.
17. A song about seasonal depression.
18. Just trying out my new Kaosillator on the day it came.
19. I like sunshine, warm temperatures, and WEEKENDS!
20. I sat alone night after night looking to the stars for an
answer to why my best friend was killed. One night after his untimely death, he spoke to me outside at a bonfire. I clearly heard his voice, he said, "hey Greg, looks like fun".
21. A recurring theme it seems.
22. Just some Rock and Roll.
23. Explained this one earlier... just a different mix.
24. Theme to yet another Mr. G series.
25. My Newest, about getting older and searching for answers, truth, and inner peace.

Listen to the Feelings of Mr. G

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